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SPPOT (Supporting People & Pets through Opportunity & Training) is an innovative Community Interest Company which interests and inspires people who encounter it, whether they are the people for whom the organisation was set up, people who love dogs or fellow professionals working in either of SPPOT’s dual spheres.

SPPOT’s founder and Operations & Development Manager, Kerri Bee, set SPPOT up after realising, through a practice and management background in social care, that many disadvantaged people who value companionship and acceptance from dogs have few opportunities for flexible training and voluntary work services in the field of dog welfare. In addition through working as a Canine Behaviour Advisor, she also discovered that there is a lack of affordable services for dogs in Pembrokeshire and beyond, like dog walking and home boarding, especially for vulnerable dog owners.

Together with a group of enthusiastic volunteers, SPPOT was created - a unique synergy based on a fundamental understanding of the needs of people and how they dovetail with the needs of dogs along with sound business principles, wide experience, skills, passion and entrepreneurial spirit.

SPPOT is an Agored Cymru Recognised Centre enabling us to deliver accredited training courses, many that we have written ourselves, in canine training and welfare for various vocations and careers. We train people who are ‘furthest from the job market’ to become part of SPPOT’s volunteer team as dog walkers, home boarders, training class assistants and instructors.

Dogs are scientifically proven to be of significant health and social benefit to people, therefore SPPOT’s progressive enterprise model will reduce dependence on health and social care services which are already under strain. People also have the capacity to reduce the suffering and neglect of dogs.

Society in the UK is still geared towards fully able people and it remains incredibly difficult for disabled people to find truly flexible, supportive employment. In order to claim government benefit, people with long term disabilities and illnesses must focus on what they cannot do, in order to qualify for money to live.

SPPOT focuses on what people can do, for example, we will focus on a person’s ability to work six hours a week for eight months of the year. The current mainstream system simply rejects people who cannot work 48 weeks of the year.

The SPPOT Team has enormous collective experience and wide ranging skills and fully understands the requirements of commercial business and also traditional health and social care services but believes there needs to be a fundamental shift in the UK’s attitude to people who have long term barriers to full employment, towards ‘can train’, ‘can learn’, ‘can work’ and ‘can help others’.

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