Samantha training Yin the Brittany Spaniel

All About Our Dog Daycare Service

 SPPOT is managed and staffed by team of highly qualified dog trainers and behaviour advisors and accredited teaching and support staff, who believe in providing services for dogs that they would choose themselves. 


Dogs who come to SPPOT for daycare each have a wonderful day, with individual care and training plans tailored to their needs. They are assigned their own personal K9 Keyworker who ensures they have everything they need during their time with us - walks, play, meals, training and rest and anything else they may need.

Dogs who come to SPPOT help provide our trainees with unique opportunities to volunteer with dogs, care for and train dogs and gain valuable accreditations, alongside practical experience and all the benefits of Human Animal Interaction (HAI) and Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)

We accept six to eight compatible dogs per day, to ensure each dog remains comfortable and stress free all day. All dogs are professionally assessed by our qualified staff before being accepted for daycare at SPPOT and while they do not have to be perfectly trained, they do need to be sociable, gentle and able to be handled and walked comfortably.

Our initial assessment includes an informal visit with you, a half day taster session and then a period of assessment, (length depends on how often you use the service) to ensure that you, your dog and all our volunteers are happy. Our straightforward assessment will be fully explained to you throughout.

Some dogs do have training issues that we can help with as we have several qualified, experienced dog trainers on the staff team who use only scientifically proven, positive, reward based, force free techniques. However the comfort, safety, enjoyment and wellbeing of all dogs and people attending SPPOT is our primary concern and so we ask that all applicants read the requirements opposite before applying for a place.

Temperament & Licence Requirements

SPPOT Daycare Dogs must

  • be of excellent temperament with other dogs, children and adults
  • be generally well behaved and sociable
  • not bark excessively Some excitement barking is expected of course
  • not guard food, toys, beds, people or anything else in the environment.
  • be fully vaccinated annually, including kennel cough
  • be at least six months old 
  • be neutered if male, not in season if female
  • Please note that we do provide training within the dog daycare service for mild training issues, but dogs who pull hard on the lead or who hurt when they jump up, cannot be accepted for daycare


Safe & Secure Environment


  • Fully enclosed front and rear garden, with natural grass and patio area, backing onto the Racecourse. This will be developed into a sensory garden for people and dogs.
  • Inside there is 300m2 of spacious, light airy rooms and facilities.
  • Two large, well proportioned main rooms, for activities and training - for people and dogs.
  • The main rooms can be separate or open plan and they both have access to the kitchen and gardens.
  • The Relaxation Room is a comfortable quiet room for feeding dogs, grooming and nap time.
  • Central heating 
  • Modern lighting, flooring and toilets
  • Full electrical safety certificate
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire alarm
  • Emergency lighting​

Training, Play & Interaction


  • With such high people to dog ratios, from fully trained, accredited volunteers, you can be assured that your dog will have a wonderful day, tailored to his or her individual needs including supervised play sessions in small compatible groups, interactive play with people, puzzle games, relaxation sessions and accompanied rest time.
  • Every dog is taken out for comfort walks throughout the day into the garden and the Racecourse and will also be taken on one or two walks (number and length on your instruction), with our Accredited Dog Walkers, to the Racecourse of course, but also local footpaths and also to the beaches as Broadhaven and Dale are within easy reach. 

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