Coming Soon! 

Dog Grooming

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our new Paws & Relax Studio in late 2021!

Introducing SPPOT’s Paws & Relax Studio featuring:

  • Spa bath with raised, easy access for all dog sizes and mobility
  • Electric height adjustable grooming table with NO restraints
  • Gentle, adjustable flow blow dryer – we will not be using a drying cabinet
  • Air conditioning
  • All products will be cruelty-free with minimum impact on the environment

Dogs will be groomed at a pace that suits them, with plenty of comfort breaks, gentle handling and toys to occupy and distract. We will use aromatherapy and Tellington Touch techniques and staff will be fully qualified and experienced.

We will be offering puppy introduction packages, owner/guardian workshops, monthly subscription options, plus a brand new loyalty programme, where you can combine puppy and dog training, dog daycare, dog grooming and dog walking into bespoke packages for your dog, saving money and earning vouchers and worthwhile, ethical gifts for you and your dog.