Paws & Relax Dog Grooming

At SPPOT’s Paws & Relax Studio, dogs are groomed at a pace that suits them. We offer them plenty of breaks, gentle handling and toys to occupy them. We can work with nervous or fearful dogs because our staff and volunteers are qualified in force-free dog training & behaviour too.
As the Paws and Relax Studio is part of our wider training centre and dog daycare service, dogs are able to go out into the garden for fresh air and comfort breaks and they can relax with our volunteers in our quieter rooms when they need a break or after their groom, until you collect them.
We use aromatherapy and Tellington Touch techniques to enable dogs to relax and staff are fully qualified and experienced in both dog grooming and dog training and behaviour.
We offer a wide range of services including:
  • Bath, dry, clip and/or scissor full groom with/without nails for breeds needing coat trimming
  • Bath, dry, brush & nails for all breeds
  • De-matting service
  • Nail care
  • Dental care
Our qualified, experienced dog grooming staff will be able to give you a guide price for your dog’s breed at the time you book. When you bring your dog in for the first time, they will be able to assess your dog’s coat fully, make recommendations and give you a clear price before they start work.
We offer a number of additional services as follows:
  • Puppy introduction packages: a set of 4 shorter sessions to accustom your puppy to the grooming process, ensuring minimal stress at future appointments. This also includes a guardian/pup parent education session to help you keep your pup’s coat in good condition between professional grooms.
  • Guardian/dog parent workshops for dogs of all ages, to teach you the best way to keep your dog’s coat in great condition between professional grooms.
  • Subscription options and a loyalty programme, where you can combine puppy and dog training, dog daycare, dog grooming and dog walking into bespoke packages for your dog, saving money and earning vouchers and worthwhile, ethical gifts for you and your dog.
Dog Size Puppy Induction Package Bath, Dry, Brush & Tidy Clip off-coat removal Full Groom Monthly Membership
Small Dog (under 10kgs) From £120 From £30 From £37.50 From £45 From £20 (saving £60 per year)
Medium Dog (10.1-25kgs) From £160 From £40 From £50 From £60 From £28 (saving £64 per year)
Large Dog (25.1-40kgs) From £180 From £50 From £62.50 From £75 From £35 (saving £80 per year)
Extra Large Dog (over 40kgs) From £200 From £60 From £75 From £90 From £40 (saving £82 per year)
Additional Services include: 
  • Behavioural Dog Grooming: for very body-sensitive or fearful dogs
  • De-matting & other time & equipment intense services
  • Emmi-pet sonic teeth cleaning: Initial session £30 and maintenence treatments are £15
  • Reduced rates available for people in receipt of PIP or experiencing hardship

Cases for the above are assessed individually, please get in touch for a quote.

SPPOT’s Paws & Relax Studio features:

  • A large, hydraulic bath with a ramp to enable easy access for all dog sizes and mobility.
  • Electric height adjustable grooming table.
  • Gentle, adjustable flow blow dryer, with minimal noise, and snoods to further reduce any fear of the dryer
  • All the products we use are cruelty-free and have minimum impact on the environment.