Individual Dog Training Services

One to One Dog Training

We provide a 1:1 dog training service for people who prefer this or who are unable to commit to a regular schedule for puppy or dog training classes. 

This option may also suit people who have just one or two aspects of their dog's training that they want to work on. For example, we work with lots of people, who would just like their dog to walk on lead without pulling or to come back when they are called.

Some examples the training we can help with:

Lead walking

Recall (coming back when called)

Daily life skills - sit, lie down, settle

Daily self-control skills - wait, stay, leave

Play skills

Our Dog Trainers

The SPPOT Team is highly skilled, qualified and experienced as we are all trained to work with dogs and with people. 

Alice Symonds provides most of the Individual Training services with the support of the SPPOT Team.

The SPPOT Team are fully insured and SPPOT is a highly ethical social enterprise. This means that all funds into the enterprise are reinvested into the community for the benefit of local people and dogs.

We use only positive, scientifically proven reward based training methods that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and those of your dog. 

Individual Training Costs

Individual Dog Training costs £25 per hour, including our standard training leaflets and plans

A charge for travel will apply when travelling beyond Haverfordwest at £8.21 per hour plus 45p per mile. 

Please note, it is often possible for customers to travel to us, as we have a well equipped training centre and access to the Haverfordwest Racecourse

Please ask if cost is a high consideration for you – people on low incomes may be able to access our concessionary rates.


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