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Foundation Clicker Training Course


The aim of SPPOT’s Puppy & Dog Training Courses is to enable dogs to stay with their owners for the whole of their lives. We aim to provide training courses that enable dog owners to build a lasting bond with their dog, through a shared experience of education, training and fun.

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The kinds of things you can expect to learn on our Online Foundation Clicker Course are as follows:

Clicker Training

  • How clicker training works and why it is an effective way to train your dog
  • The different ways in which clicker training can work
  • How to use the clicker method properly, effectively, and creatively
  • How to teach your dog Foundation Skills using the clicker

Foundation Skills

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Wait/stay
  • Give/drop
  • Play skills

Underpinning Knowledge

  • How dogs learn
  • Reward based training
  • Physical care of your dog
  • How dogs communicate
  • Your legal responsibilities


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