Puppy Training Courses

Our Ethos & Approach

All SPPOT's Services are provided by our highly qualified, friendly staff, supported by our fully trained, accredited volunteers.

We use only positive, force-free, scientifically proven techniques and classes are small, ensuring a high level of individual tuition and support.

We like to teach customers how use clicker training because it is so easy to learn and engages your dog’s natural instincts and abilities which uses their mental energy for the things you want them to learn. This simple method is easy for people of all ages, including children to use effectively.

SPPOT's Manager and Lead Tutor, Kerri Bee holds a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training and is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK. Kerri has designed and run these dog training courses for well over ten years and helped develop the APDT's Good Companion Awards which are achieveable by taking part in our puppy & dog training courses. 


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If you would like to talk to us about puppy or dog training, you can call us on 01437 767648 

or 07507 322962 or use the enquiry form below. 

We will endeavour to answer your query within 3 working days

You can also book a course online by going to the course booking sections below

Puppy Training Courses



 SPPOT’s Puppy Training Courses provide you with a complete package of information, training and support to enable you to give your puppy the best possible start in life. 

As the first session is mainly discussion, if your puppy hasn’t finished their vaccinations, you may attend this session without your puppy.

Our wonderful accredited training centre is fully equipped with everything you or your puppy will need while on your course. 

SPPOT's Puppy Training Courses are for puppies under 26 weeks old, who have completed their vaccinations. If your puppy is older than 26 weeks, our Foundation Training Course is ideal for you, just click the button below

If you are at the stage of planning to get a puppy, we can help you choose the right breed for you, the right breeder, the right puppy from the litter. 

 To give your puppy the best possible start in life, we offer a 'Right Start' session, allowing the whole family to come along to our dog training centre for an advice session, before you bring your puppy home, or within the first few days of getting your puppy.  

The Right Start Session costs just £25 for an hour and half of highly qualified and experienced advice, discussion and practical demonstrations. Use the contact button below or call the office on 01437 767648 to book a Right Start Session.

The Puppy Induction Session


 This 5 week couse features a full induction session for you and a great enrichment session for your puppy. In this session we get you off to a great start with a programme covering: 

  • Correct socialisation, where the emphasis is on enabling your puppy to be calm around new people, dogs and other animals, being careful not to overwhelm or overstimulate your puppy in the process. 
  • Habituation; helping your puppy cope with new places, new sights, sounds, and smells, all introduced gradually, at a pace that your puppy can cope with. 
  • Diet and exercise: helping you choose what, when and how to feed your puppy for long term health and wellbeing.
  • Housetraining & crate training: where to toilet and learning how to be alone and self-settle & play to avoid separation anxiety
  • Play-biting & chewing: teach your puppy what they can chew and what they can't, including bite-inhibition through managing play-biting
  • Travelling with puppy: steps to teaching puppy to enjoy car travel and public transport
  • Health care & legal aspects: your responsibilities as a dog owner legally, including health and welbeing

With games and fun for your puppy including enrichment ideas you can use at home, all supervised by our amazing volunteers while you relax and discuss your individual puppy questions with our Instructor over a cuppa 

The Puppy Training Sessions


  The following four, hour long sessions provide you with the coaching to start training your puppy in the skills they will need for life

  • Response to name: when and how to use your dog's name so he or she always responds positively
  • Recall (coming back when called): how to start teaching the foundations for a solid recall, enabling safe off-lead exercise as an adult 
  • Loose lead walking: how to avoid pulling from the start and protect your puppy's neck and your back for life.
  • Being handled for easy grooming and less stressful vet visits.
  • Sit & lie down, when asked, first time, in low distraction environments, continue ti builkd skills in our follow-on Foundation Course.
  • Settle/switch off: an essential skill, especially for high energy breeds, easily taught while your puppy is still young
  • Play skills, for interactive fun, for reward, for self-amusement
  • Leave: for safety, manners and the all-important self-control

On the couse, customers can work towards the Association of Pet Dog Trainers' (APDT UK), Good Companion Puppy Award and earn a nationally recognised certificate.

The whole course enables young puppies to progress to our Foundation Award Course which builds on existing skills in ibcreasingly distraction environments.

Course Handbook


  All customers will receive our Puppy Course Handbook to download or on paper for a small fee. This includes over 40 pages of essential puppy rearing information with socialisation charts, enrichment ideas and training guide 

Course Costs


SPPOT Puppy Training Courses cost £75 per puppy and as part of our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of dogs and people in our local communities, one place on every course is available at a concessionary rate of £55 for people who are in receipt of disability benefits

Our Puppy Course Tutor

Alice Symonds Dog Trainer

  • Our Puppy Training Certificate Courses are taught by Alice Symonds who is the latest addition to our amazingly talented team. Alice holds a Foundation Degree in Science with Merit in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and has worked as a Trainer for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf for 5 years before relocating to Pembrokeshire. 

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Puppy Play and Training Courses


Puppy Play & Train Course

6.30pm-7.30pm (Induction till 8pm)

SPPOT Accredited Canine Education Services, Furzy Park, Haverfordwest, SA61 1HT

Event Details


Puppy Play & Train Course

7th February 6.30pm-8pm

14th February 6.30pm-7.30pm

21st February 6.30pm-7.30pm

28th February 6.30pm-7.30pm

6th March 6.30pm-7.30pm

6.30pm-7.30pm (Induction till 8pm)

SPPOT Accredited Canine Education Services, Furzy Park, Haverfordwest, SA61 1HT


Puppy Play & Train Course

6.30pm-7.30pm (Induction till 8pm)

SPPOT Accredited Canine Education Services, Furzy Park, Haverfordwest, SA61 1HT

Event Details


Puppy Play & Train Course

20th March 6.30pm-8pm

27th March 6.30pm-7.30pm

3rd April 6.30pm-7.30pm

10th April 6.30pm-7.30pm

17th April 6.30pm-7.30pm

6.30pm-7.30pm (Induction till 8pm)

SPPOT Accredited Canine Education Services, Furzy Park, Haverfordwest, SA61 1HT