SPPOT’s Code of Conduct

SPPOT, a Community Interest Company, has very high standards about the way we treat people and animals. This Code of Practice sets out exactly what is expected of everyone at SPPOT.

Reason for Policy
To ensure we treat all people and animals with dignity and respect. To ensure that SPPOT is regarded as an organisation with high ethical standards, in our community and beyond.

Who does this apply to? The whole SPPOT Team.


  • The SPPOT Team shall be responsible in their work with customers, customers’ dogs, learners, trainees, all people we work with and society in general.
  • The SPPOT Team will uphold high ethical standards in relation to the care and welfare of their own pet animals and any other animals they own.
  • Their actions or advice should not knowingly cause upset, fear or harm to any person or animal while representing SPPOT, or in their home life because people will know of the association with SPPOT.
  • The welfare of customers, learners, volunteers, staff and the dogs we work with is SPPOT’s main concern.
  • The SPPOT Team will be professional with their clients at all times.
  • The SPPOT Team shall respect the views and opinions of other people.
  • The SPPOT Team will not try to get work or money for SPPOT unfairly or improperly.
  • The SPPOT Team will keep learning and training so they can be the best team possible.

The training methods and/or equipment advised, employed or sold by The SPPOT Team shall be kind and fair to both customers and dogs, in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the APDT UK.

Techniques and equipment which hurt or frighten dogs should not be used, recommended, advertised or sold by any member of the SPPOT Team in any aspect of their lives (Appendix 1.)

The dog training techniques employed and advised by the SPPOT Team will be kind, effective and fair.

The SPPOT Team will be truthful and honest with customers and each other.

Appendix 1

Harsh and cruel equipment which must not be used includes:

  • Check/choke chains
  • Prong or spike collars
  • Electric shock devices in any form, and high-frequency sound devices which are designed to startle
  • Half check collars fitted so as to cause tightening around the neck
  • Pet corrector – emits a hiss of cold air
  • Dog stop – emits a high pitched sound
  • Remote controlled spray collars
  • Automatically triggered spray collars
  • Anti-bark collar – emits spray directed onto dogs skin (including new product jet master)
  • Training discs
  • Liquid sprays
  • Loud noises e.g. rattle cans/bottles/Chains/keys
  • Throw stick/chain
  • Strong smelling substances e.g. smelling salts/ bite back
  • Anything else that causes pain, fear or distress

Methods not to be used in handling any dog:

  • Pinching – ears/feet/toes
  • Hitting
  • Shouting at
  • Biting (of dog)
  • ‘Alpha roll’
  • Any handling techniques that causes pain or discomfort

If anyone is suspected of breaking the Canine Code of Conduct, the Directors will investigate fairly and thoroughly.

If a SPPOT Team member is found guilty of cruelty, neglect or other crime(s) against any animal(s) or person(s) their association with SPPOT will be immediately terminated.

This code may be altered by the Board of SPPOT, A Community Interest Company provided that the proposed alteration is notified to all members and their comments requested and duly considered by the Board.

©Kerri Bee, May 2014

Latest revision April 2020

Client Testimonials

Sppot do amazing work with dogs and people – always with the dogs best interests at heart. Our dog loves her sessions there & we are completely confident leaving her knowing she is in good hands.

We took Skye to the foundation clicker training which was amazing and fun.
Now she goes to doggy daycare every Friday and she loves it.
I highly recommend Kerri and the SPPOT team to everyone. They’re amazing and friendly. Thank you for taking care of our little girl.

Maisie is a newcomer at Spott this week. I cannot praise the staff and care that Maisie has received enough! One tired pooch when she’s had so much fun I actually have peace and cuddles with her during the evening. So good to let her mix with other dogs in a wonderfully controlled environment and constant attention and exercise. Well done sppot.


Teddy absolutely loves coming to daycare and he’s always so tired after a day there. Fab service and would recommend to everyone! Thank you so much for looking after Teddy so well.


Fabulous training advice and information, all animal friendly and enjoyed by all. Well done and thank you.


Wonderful people and a wonderful service. Our dog looks forward to spending time in doggy day care and we have also used the dog walking service in the past. Very professional approach and more then happy to let our boy be looked after by them.

Had a great morning attending the recall workshop run by the wonderful team at SPOTT. The workshop was fun, relaxed and very informative. There was lots of practical advice and great ideas for fun ways to help teach our very lively puppy and us the skills and confidence to help keep him under control in public places. We had a lovely walk around the racecourse this evening putting our new skills into practice.
Many thanks to you all.

Have been using Sppot’s dog walking services for a number of years. Would highly recommend the service, very reliable and caring.


Our dog Nova goes to daycare once a week at SPPOT and she absolutely loves. She’s normally joined at my hip but doesn’t even look back at me when I leave. They tailor Nova’s day to her needs and nothing is too much trouble. We really couldn’t recommend them enough.


Izzy had a fab time in doggy daycare and has grown up to be a lovable, friendly and sociable dog!!


SPPOT have been walking my dog while my family have been away and they have been brilliant, coming early as its been so hot. My dog is quite shy but she has loved both volunteers. Will be recommending you to everyone.


My wife and I have been taking our dog (puppy) to their training sessions and the progress he makes at each session is truly remarkable. The simple techniques demonstrated are effective and easy for the dog and handlers to understand.
Natalie is recognised in the “doggy” world as being an outstanding trainer with a deep insight into canine psychology.


Joey loves daycare. Staff are all lovely and very helpful. Fabulous facilities.


We took Alfie to Simpson Cross on Thursday 7th Aug. He was there until after 4pm when we collected him and he was worn out with all the play he’d had. He has a new friend in Keith, who he was assigned to for the day and I think the feeling was mutual ! He will be going back soon! Lorna


An amazing place doing an amazing job for amazing people.


From day 1 SPPOT went out of their way to find our puppy space in their daycare service. They were so flexible and really helped us out so I could work and our dog was never left on his own. A year on or dog still absolutely loves his time with SPPOT and I love the fact each dog has 1to1 care. They manage to support the needs of each dog and make such an effort to make every visit fun for the dog. Think you guys are incredibly professional and fabulous at what you do. Thank you for all your hard work.


Would thoroughly recommend, our dogs are in safe, enthusiastic and very caring hands.


Monty loves his days at Doggy Daycare and I feel so confident leaving him in the capable hands of the team. Lots of walks, playtime and sleep! (Although monty is like the Duracell bunny so he hardly ever chills!) highly recommend.


These people are brilliant. Just love their doggy day care service and more importantly so does my dog. I completely trust these people. How they mange to organise and deliver what they do is amazing. When I collect my dog after day care he is always grinning and I can tell he has been utterly satisfied, with his constant need for games and attention completer satiated – and knowing my dog that is saying something! He also looks completely destressed and more relaxed then normal. The training they do with him really helps me also and have noticed he is better behaved at home. They really care about giving the dog what they need, in my dogs case balance between mental and physical stimulation.
I also love their online booking system so easy to use and monthly billing, very user friendly and convenient for last minute changes to bookings. Nice job well done SPPOT.


Highly recommended, lovely staff and such a great location! Really has helped my crazy 7 month cockerpoo calm down loads considering he’s still a pup! Completely changed him and we get so much joy out of him! Keep up the good work girls and guys.